A Sacred School for Spiritual Awakening

Oneness University is a Sacred Spiritual School that takes participants from all beliefs, paths, religions and helps them awaken into higher states of consciousness; creating happy human beings who feel love and connectedness as their natural state of being.



The Phenomenon and the Gift

A life changing 2 day journey held in your country.

Journey into Oneness

A Transformational 14 day course held at Oneness University.


Who We Are

Learn about Oneness University, and how it can help you.

What We Offer

Learn about the various courses we offer aboard, online, and here at our campuses.

Staying With Us

Learn about our campuses and accommodation and what to expect when coming to stay for a course.


Take A Peek

Tour our campuses and courses

Abode of the Golden ORB

Watch a video showing participants undergoing processes in the Abode of Golden ORB.

Golden City

Take a tour of our campuses here at Golden City.

Campus Life

Experience a week at Oneness University through the eyes of the participants.