Abode of the Golden ORB

A Sacred Structure of Divine Grace

Envisioned by Sri Amma Bhagavan, the abode of the golden orb was created by Krishnaji so it can serve as a generator of a powerful energy field that can propel humanity into a state of oneness. It is structured as a magnificent 3 dimensional projection of the surya yantra (a sacred geometric form) and is as a vortex of grace.

It has been refereed to as the mother’s womb because it has the power to transform all who enter it. Meditating and praying in this sacred abode is known to shift the neurological circuitry in the brain responsible for repetitive destructive programs that run our lives to neurological circuitry that causes auspiciousness and abundance. For the seekers the Abode Of the Golden Orb acts as a phenomenon that can cause spiritual experiences of awakening.