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From Around the World
Hugh Jackman
We have been privileged to experience the Oneness Blessings and teachings of 'Oneness', which have enhanced our understanding of what it is to be integrated with all in our relationships.

Hugh Jackman

Actor, Producer & Musician
Donna Karan
The Oneness Blessing gives us the opportunity to connect to that which we long for, our Higher Self, giving us the ability to experience peace and guidance and to fulfil our life's purpose.

Donna Karan

Fashion Designer
Steve Ross
Just in few weeks with Sri Bhagavan at the Oneness University, my search is finally over. Words cannot possibly convey my overwhelming gratitude to Sri Bhagavan for the gift of His grace, not only myself, but more importantly, for the entire world. There is only bliss and nobody to experience that bliss. This bliss can be any form even Nirvikalpa samadhi. Experiences I have had here are the ultimate that any human being can experience.

Steve Ross

Hollywood Yoga Guru