Journey into Oneness

A Transformational 14 day course held at Oneness University

The Journey into Oneness is an extraordinary process that happens in various stages, each lasting for 10 to 14 days. Here are the profound outcomes you could expect from Journey into Oneness.

You move into a state of faith, where the phenomenon manifests your heartfelt desires, solves your problems. You would carry home the secrets to acquire the various needs of life.

You move into a state of fulfillment. Causeless Joy becomes your natural state of being. Creating wealth & abundance, flowering of intelligence & creativity, success, and discovering love & togetherness in relationships would be a natural outcome of this state.

You move into a state of inner peace. Oneness processes heals your heart, silences your mind and lifts you to a higher state of consciousness. You discover the higher purpose of life.

You move into a state of living where your very presence would affect humanity. You become a lighthouse.