Spirituality is the Science of Happiness

Life’s a journey that we are all on in our own unique ways. To grow in consciousness is to grow in happiness. Oneness University is a school that teaches the sacred art of Spiritual growth; the science of Happiness.


Oneness University

The Oneness University was founded based on the revelations and the teachings of the Supreme Light as preserved in the archives of the Temple of the Supreme Light.

The Oneness University is a center for learning and growth. Catering to people of every faith and all walks of life, the University represents growth and learning in both the internal and the external spheres of life.

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A School for Living Life

The needs of every individual are different. Some seek solution to their problems and a fulfilment of their desires. Some others seek love and harmony in relationships while others seek enlightenment and to become one with the Supreme Light.

The Oneness University caters to every individual according to their needs. It is a world where thousands of people have shaken off the shackles of unconsciousness and moved into the state of Oneness. It is a world that has succeeded in bringing productiveness to the fore, leading to the emergence of spiritual businessmen, spiritual homemakers, spiritual students, spiritual teachers, spiritual scientists etc. It is a world where the true joy of regaining the conscious mind is so profoundly experienced; a world of causeless love and limitless joy that makes possible the ultimate state of being – Oneness with the Supreme Light.




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