We have a destiny to create, a state of consciousness that is Oneness with All That Is

Oneness is a force in consciousness that transcends all religions, all cultures, class based and national barriers, thus unifying people in the experience of one divinity, one humanity, one suffering, one love and one consciousness.


What is Oneness?

Peace with oneself. peace with all of life.

Before we understand what is Oneness, lets first understand why oneness.

The root cause of all human suffering is the sense of separation. You are divided within yourself. There is constant conflict trying to choose between the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the perfect and the imperfect. Conflict leads to loss of energy. Where there is no energy, there is no joy; there is no love. You exist in a state of alienation from all life. This division is the source of all strife that exists between individuals, families, cultures, religions and nations. The only solution to all human problems and suffering is the state of Oneness. The Oneness state is not a teaching to be practised, an experience to be theorized or achieved through contemplations and every day practices.

The Oneness state begins by discovering oneness within oneself, oneness in the family, oneness in society and oneness in the country. It doesn’t stop there. You also then discover oneness with the planet, Oneness towards all living things, oneness with the universe and of course finally you become one with the Supreme Light. We believe individual transformation leads to global transformation. So when you discover Oneness, the world discovers Oneness. Then problems dissolve. The state of Oneness is a benediction bestowed upon the seekers who sincerely participate in the various processes offered at the Oneness University. The purpose of Oneness University is to spread the spirit of Oneness on the planet.




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