Phenomenon and the Gift

Conditions & Procedure for Golden Orb Deeksha

Here are the Conditions and Procedure to give Golden Orb Deeksha for participants of the Phenomenon and the Gift Courses.

GOD Conditions

  • GOD can be given only after 24 hours if you have smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol.
  • GOD should be given separately , but not in combination with other Deekshas.
  • GOD is more for your growth and by-product is other is receiving help.
  • GOD must be given only in a sacred place( neat and tidy) not in metros,footpaths or airports.
  • GOD must be given only when you feel connection with your HSS,otherwise humbly admit GOD doesn’t flow now.
  • GOD must be given only when you can feel the other person (group) pain or joy. If there is no feeling humbly admit GOD does not flow.
  • GOD is powerful only when the giver is ANONYMOUS.( not asking for any significance through this).

GOD Procedure

  • Sit in a sacred posture in a sacred place (neat and tidy).
  • Feel the connection with your GOLDEN ORB (HIGHER SACRED SELF).
  • Feel the pain of the person/group (if its problem) and feel the joy when one would get (if it is fulfilling a desire).
  • Ask your GOLDEN ORB(HSS) with all love and humility to make use of your heart to flow GOD to the receiver.
  • Visualize GOLDEN ORB from your heart going into others heart and settling in the receiver (if its group visualize the whole group as one BEING).
  • Only when you feel causeless love and causeless joy in your heart, know that GOD happened, if not admit, it did not happen
  • Express gratitude to the SUPREME LIGHT for making use of you in helping others.