P&G Episode 15

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P&G Episode 15 Sadhana (Practice)

Anahata Dhyana

1.Sit in any comfortable posture either on a chair or on the floor.

2. Let the tip of the index finger touch the middle of your thumb and place the palms facing skywards on the middle of your thighs.

3. Bring your Awareness on your breathing. For 2 mins

4.Gently shift your awareness on to your Anahata chakra ( Heart region)and chant YANG for 5 min.

Morning Practice

Golden ORB Meditation:
1. Sit in a sacred posture on floor or on chair.
2. Hands posture is the tip of the index touching the middle of your thumb. Place hands in the middle of your thighs palms facing upwards.
3. Bring your awareness to the center of your heart.
4. Visualize the GOLDEN ORB in your heart.
5. As you inhale visualize the GOLDEN ORB being filled with golden light. As you exhale visualize GOLDEN ORB radiates golden light to the whole body. Do for 3 minutes.
6. Strengthening the bond with the phenomenon:
A. Feel the connection with the GOLDEN ORB (experience causeless joy). Do for 3 minutes.
B. Express gratitude to the GOLDEN ORB (remember what all wonderful things happened in life). Do for 3 minutes.
C. Relate to the GOLDEN ORB (share your joys of the day). Do for 3 minutes.
7. Visualize GOLDEN ORB Within you giving a Deeksha to you. Do for 3 minutes.
8. Visualise the GOLDEN ORB PHENOMENON reaching to all your near and dear ones. Do for 3 minutes.
9. Express gratitude to The GOLDEN ORB for making this meditation possible.

Evening Practice

1) Sit in vajrasan.
2) Touch the tip of your index finger to the root of your thumb.
3) Breathe in slowly and deeply into abdomen and completely exhale for 7 minutes.

Nidhi Dhyasana:
(please answer each question in detail with the a mention of the event)
1. Did i speak lies today?
2. Did i play ego games today?
3. Did i hurt anyone today?
4. Did i get hurt today?
5. Did i curse anyone today inwardly?
6. Did i compare with others and suffer today?
7. Did i play any games to get my way done today?
8. Did i gossip and back bite anyone today?
9. Did i follow the schedule today?
10. Did i entertain to hide the information i knew today?
11. Did i have get upset over anything today?
12. Did i get angry with someone or something today?
13. Did i have any regrets about anything i did today?
14. Did i have any positive feelings today?
15. Did i do my prayers today?
16. Did i help anyone today?
17. Did i feel my day worth living?
18. Did i recognize the love of my higher self today?
19. Did i witness and share any miracle today?
20. Did i feel i am part of this world family?
21. Did i write the report with authenticity?

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