P&G Episode 8

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P&G Episode 8 Sadhana (Practice)

Morning Sadhana

1) Sit in Vajrasana or on a chair. (don’t cross your legs).

2) Touch the tip of your index finger to the root of your thumbs and Place your palms on the middle of your thighs.

3) Start breathing slowly, where your exhalation is twice as long as your inhalation for 2 minutes.

4) Visualize the Golden Orb at your Vishuddhi (throat) Chakra. Keep Chanting SO HUM into the Golden Orb for 2 minutes.

5) Breathe in deeply, hold your breathe: focus and lock air in throat, and visualize the Golden Orb turning the air into Golden Prana.

6) As you exhale, visualize Golden prana filling your brain for 2 minutes.

7) Bring your attention on your heart and experience causeless love and causeless joy and Express Gratitude to the Supreme Light for 1 minute.


Pranakriya 3

Jyothi Dhyana

1) Light a candle, sit in vajrasana or on a chair.

2) Let the tip of the index finger touch the tip of the thumb and place the palms in inverted position on the thighs.

3) Look into the flame which is 2 feet away from you for 1 min .

4) Close your eyes and visualize the light in your Anahata (heart) chakra for 1 min.

5) Repeat it for three times and the 4th time see the candle light for 1min.

6) Total time for the sadhana is 7min.

7) close your eyes and allow whatever happens in your body.

Manasa Pooja

1) Invoke your Divine and feel the presence.

2) Make your Divine seated in the temple of your heart.

3) Pay your respects by offering flowers and auspicious things.

4) Praise your Divine.

5) Express love to your Divine (the way a kid express his love towards the parent).

6) Ask whatever you want to your Divine (the way a kid ask his parents).

7) Express gratitude to the Supreme Light for bringing in this bond with your Divine.

*Do each step for 1 minute .


1) Sit in vajrasan.

2) Touch the tip of your index finger to the root of your thumb.

3) Breathe in slowly and deeply into abdomen and completely exhale for 7 minutes.


1) Sit in Vajrasana or on a chair. (don’t cross your legs).

2) Touch the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumbs and Place your palms face down on the middle of your thighs.

3) Bring your focus onto your Agneya (center of your eye brows)

4) Inhale slowly and deeply. As you exhale, chant AUM. Do this for three minutes.

5) Pick up any one repetitive created problem. Pray and ask your divine to give you the gift of intelligence to discover the corresponding real problem .

6) When the intelligence takes you to the real problem, you begin to feel the joy.

7) Express gratitude to the supreme light for bestowing the intelligence.

Nidhi Dhyasana
(please answer each question in detail with the a mention of the event)

1. Did i speak lies today?
2. Did i play ego games today?
3. Did i hurt anyone today?
4. Did i get hurt today?
5. Did i curse anyone today inwardly?
6. Did i compare with others and suffer today?
7. Did i play any games to get my way done today?
8. Did i gossip and back bite anyone today?
9. Did i follow the schedule today?
10. Did i entertain to hide the information i knew today?
11. Did i have get upset over anything today?
12. Did i get angry with someone or something today?
13. Did i have any regrets about anything i did today?
14. Did i have any positive feelings today?
15. Did i do my prayers today?
16. Did i help anyone today?
17. Did i feel my day worth living?
18. Did i recognize the love of my higher self today?
19. Did i witness and share any miracle today?
20. Did i feel i am part of this world family?
21. Did i write the report with authenticity?

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