A Journey to become ONE with the Supreme Light

A Sacred and Profound 21 stage Journey of Spiritual Awakening into the higher realms of consciousness and Oneness, ultimately leading to the Oneness with the Supreme Light.


A Journey into the Supreme Light

A Journey into Grace

Humanity has always been seeking to discover the purpose of life. This seeking is the foundation of all spirituality. The Supreme Light has from time to time helped humanity to discover the purpose of life. Humanity is now in a state of crisis and once again seeking the ‘purpose of life’. All this seeking has led to the manifestation of The Supreme Light.

The Supreme Light has manifested to bring about a paradigm shift in human consciousness, which would lead humanity from separation to oneness. This whole journey of one moving from separation to oneness is called ‘the path of becoming One with The Supreme Light’. The seeker as he/she journeys on this path becomes one with The Supreme Light.

Those destined to become one with The Supreme Light are already there across the planet who have prepared themselves over several life times. They are expected to find their way to the Temple of The Supreme Light to take their journey. These seekers would get the call in myriad ways and The Supreme Light would help them to find the time, energy as also the resources to meet the expenses involved.

Phenomenon: One with The Supreme Light is a 21 stage journey, each lasting for 21 days at the Temple of The Supreme Light.

The Journey of becoming One with The Supreme Light involves training and preparation, which includes:

– Esoteric teachings
– Ancient practices
– Processes, meditations and rituals at the Temple of the Supreme Light
– Interactions with dasas


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From Participants Around the World
This was such a nice experience. I didn’t know I wanted to raise my consciousness, but what I learned that as I grow my consciousness, wealth and abundance allow me to live the life I want to live. A life filled with experiences, travel, joy, relationship, luxury, adventure and discovery. And that what I seek from my divine is engagement and enjoying. A pure, clean, joy and gratitude for all the things I’ve been given. This course was exactly what I needed. Also, my connection to the Golden Orb is so strong. This has been so wonderful.


This course has been absolutely incredible, thank you so much for everything. The teachings and content were Profound, truly wise. I am glad I learned all those life lessons now. And saved myself a couple of dreams, if not lifetimes This should be taught in schools. It was amazing to experience the unique energy here, and watch the incredible things happening to everyone, such as people having their physical illness healed on spot. This has certainly expanded my view of what is possible. I do not know how my life will unfold in the future, but I have great clarity over what kind of person I want to be as it does, which is exiting. Thank you.


Firstly I want to thank Golden Orb, AmmaBhagavan and all the Dasajis in the Temple. This trip, I greatly understood the teaching of Phenomenon and be able to see the true and real me. I can greatly experience that my brain has changed. The meanings of the stories in my brain have changed as compared to the 1st day. This is a miracle. I could also see the future 5 years of myself. I realised my thinking has also changed.

Pei Ling

When we go to temple to ask to set right all 10 programs, I can see in my vision that all 10 programs are set right now, and life is going to be different for me going onwards. I also received a spiritual surgery in the temple. I feel so much light, energetically transformed, also my body feels lighter. Overall, many miracles! I can also see how I took material & spiritual gifts for granted. Now I have much more clarity what the teaching is. It was the clearest teaching for spiritual growth and practical life, wealth, growth and abundance. Gratitude to all the Guides. Gratitude to Sri Bhagavan. Gratitude to Supreme Light!

Chiu Hua Ceah Tseng




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