The Phenomenon and the Gift Progress Series is a 36 episode live webcast series for participants who attended the Phenomenon and the Gift process.

This powerful live series is designed to take participants on a journey into higher levels of consciousness and personal connection with their Divine.

This series will be held at different dates based on each teaching and exercise given. It will be held as a live webcast to different time zones each episode so to connect with participants all around the world, and then made available for 24 hours to watch for all other time zones.

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This upcoming episode will be available here for 24 hours for replay after the live episode ends. If you have paid for this episode you can watch again for free within the 24 hour period.

After the 24 hour period this episode will be available below along with the other previous episodes. To watch any of the previous episodes you would need to register and pay to watch.

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Previous Episodes

To watch any of these series you will need to register and make payment. Once you register and pay you will be able to watch any the video of your choice for a 48 hour period.

Episodes Date Watch
Episode 16 May, 2017 Watch
Episode 15 April, 2017 Watch
Episode 14 April, 2017 Watch
Episode 13 March, 2017 Watch
Episode 12 March, 2017 Watch
Episode 11 February, 2017 Watch
Episode 10 January, 2017 Watch
Episode 9 December, 2016 Watch
Episode 8 November, 2016 Watch
Episode 7 October, 2016 Watch
Episode 6 October, 2016 Watch
Episode 5 September, 2016 Watch
Episode 4 August, 2016 Watch
Episode 3 July, 2016 Watch
Episode 2 June, 2016 Watch
Episode 1 May, 2016 Watch