The Sacred Science of Wealth Creation and Abundance

Are you experiencing financial difficulties in life? Are unforeseen obstacles blocking your path to abundance or would you simply like to increase your wealth consciousness?


Phenomenon: Attracting Weatlh

The Science & the Art of Attracting Weatlh

In this intense 5 day course, you will be guided through the programs that control your life. Wealth problems and money issues of any kind as well as the obstacles to abundance faced in life, can be traced back to these programs.

The objective of this course is to uncover the root causes of the limiting programs to attracting wealth. You cannot change these programs in your present state of consciousness, you may need the help of the higher power to bring about this radical change. This is achieved by entering the powerhouse of the phenomenon, The Temple of the Supreme Light. In this sacred space, you undergo special processes, where grace flows as wealth consciousness.

Once you receive wealth consciousness from the Golden Ball at the temple of the supreme light, wealth opportunities which were previously hidden become uncovered, whereby wealth begins to flow.

Changes that you wish for in financial wealth starts to manifest once this wealth consciousness has been acquired. Special oneness wealth tips are given that would help wealth and abundance flow into your life.

This amazingly in-depth course, will not merely teach you how to accumulate financial wealth, but rather broadens your outlook, by encompassing the full spectrum of your wealth consciousness aims. This is a must do course for everyone.

Participants attending all 4 monthly Phenomenon courses will be initiated as Prana Deekshagivers which is the next level to Golden Orb Deekshagivers.


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