The Science & the Art of discovering your life partner and choosing your soulmate

Find a Life Partner or Discover new ways to experience more happiness with your existing partner. This course helps awaken you to the joy of meaningful and long lasting relationships.


Phenomenon: Discovering Partner

The Science & the Art of discovering life partner

Not solely a course for those seeking loving, meaningful relationships, this incredible course is also for everyone already in partner relationships. Perhaps your partner relationship has lost its spark or become dull. Perhaps you would like to strengthen your existing relationship or experience greater pleasure in an already fulfilling relationship. This course will provide all this and much more, by helping to re-ignite the fires of fading relationships, whilst giving you the practical tools to move beyond the boundaries of your current relationships. You will discover new ways to experience more joy and pleasure with your existing partner.

Many seeking the right partner, feel poorly prepared for the search and often seem to be searching in the dark. This extraordinary course, helps you find your life partner and choose your soulmate. You will be helped to find a new partner or to re-discover love for your existing partner by setting right the relationship. You will be given effective tools and guidance on how to improve your current relationship, on how to choose the right life partner and on how to discover your soulmate.

Participants attending all 4 monthly Phenomenon courses will be initiated as Prana Deekshagivers which is the next level to Golden Orb Deekshagivers.


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