Phenomenon of the Golden ORB

It all began with Sri Bhagavan seeing a mystical Golden Orb standing before His eyes when He was 3 years old. Sri Bhagavan was very naturally impelled to incessantly chant a mantra revealed to Him by this Golden Orb and each time He uttered the mantra, He used to feel His deep intent to end human suffering being impregnated into this Golden Orb, thus charging it with His divine state of consciousness.

This phenomenon went on without a break for 24 hours of a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year for 21 years. Thereafter, one day when Sri Bhagavan was about 24 years of age, the Golden Orb suddenly disappeared from His gaze and the chanting process stopped abruptly.

Sri Amma too was subjected to a similar process of intense austerity as a child. Neither Sri Bhagavan nor Sri Amma had really any control over the series of mystical happenings and severe austerities they were naturally subjected to in their childhood. All they knew was a deep passion to help humanity awaken into Oneness and they were being impelled to prepare this Golden Orb for their massive mission in the future.

In July 1989, the Golden Orb appeared in front of Sri Krishnaji and descended into him. Sri Krishnaji transferred this divine power by placing his hands on the students of the Jeevashram School’ founded by Sri Amma Bhagavan, which is now called as ‘Satyalok’.

Thus the phenomenon of Deeksha saw its birth. This divine descent unleashed a phenomenon of divine grace and inner transformation in the students that was incomparable that the whole school had suddenly appeared to be a heaven on earth, with so many children experiencing a variety of states of consciousness accessible only to the great yogis and saints of yore.

It was this phenomenon that reiterated Sri Amma Bhagavan’s premonition that the time was ripe for people to receive this benediction they had been preparing for since their early childhood and thus came into existence the ‘Oneness’, which has ever since touched the lives of millions of individuals through the phenomenon of the Oneness Deeksha.