Awakening is an Journey

The Journey of discovering one’s self awakens you to the other, nature and the Supreme Light. Begin your journey from separation to Oneness


Phenomenon: The Awakening

The Science & the Art of Awakening

Awakening is a Journey. This process primarily focuses on the participant having an awakening experience leading to transformation. After this, awakening experiences keep coming leading to greater and greater transformation.

The 5-day process aims at awakening the true nature of the individual and free them from the charges and destructive thought patterns entrenched deeply in the unconscious. It transforms an individual into a happy human being.

The course facilitates a journey that takes one to an expanded state of awareness offering precise, practical teachings that can be applied in everyday life.

Participants attending all 4 monthly Phenomenon courses will be initiated as Prana Deekshagivers which is the next level to Golden Orb Deekshagivers.


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