Courses at Oneness University

Courses held on campus

Oneness University offers an array of transformative courses to help you grow in all areas of your life.


A Sacred process where one gets deeply in touch with one’s self, one’s Divine, and all of life. A journey of Spiritual Awakening and God Realization.

Phenomenon: Attracting Wealth

Sacred Principles and Processes that empower and transform a person to attract wealth and abundance in one’s life.

Phenomenon: Living Young

A Step by step process designed to fully equip you with the lifelong tools for living young.

Phenomenon: Discovering Partner

A process of discovering joy and happiness in your relationships as well as attracting a life partner and soul-mate.

Phenomenon: The Awakening

A Process of Spiritual Awakening. Helping you move forward on your Spiritual Journey into higher states of consciousness.

Phenomenon: A Journey into the Supreme Light

A Sacred and Profound 21 year journey of Spiritual Awakening into higher realms of consciousness and oneness. Ultimately leading you to the Oneness with the Supreme Light.