Oneness Processes

Offered by Oneness University


Online Processes

Oneness University is now starting to offer online processes to reach people from all parts of the globe. Please see our processes currently offered below.

The Phenomenon and the Gift

This 2 day intensive will take participants through an amazing inner journey of self realization and healing, leading a person to a state of deep awareness and inner calm.


On Campus Processes

Oneness University offers an array of transformative processes to help you grow in all areas of your life.


A Sacred process where one gets deeply in touch with one’s self, one’s Divine, and all of life. A journey of Spiritual Awakening and God Realization.

Phenomenon: A Journey into the Supreme Light

A Sacred and Profound 21 stage journey of Spiritual Awakening into higher realms of consciousness and oneness. Ultimately leading you to the Oneness with the Supreme Light.