Shambala Campus Guidelines


You could carry the following items which would help you attend the sessions comfortably.

– Meditation chair, back rest, pillow
– Socks, scarf, shawl
– Blinders and ear plugs
– Notebooks and pens
– Hand fan
– Water bottle
– Tissues/wipes


– Vegetarian, Indian food is offered at the University.
– Gluten free food also forms a part of the menu.
– There is no possibility to cook your own food.
– If you are allergic or sensitive to certain kind of food, please carry your own food and/or supplements.
– You could also buy snacks, pizzas, tea, coffee, smoothies, juices that are available in the stalls.


Participants must wear the special dress designed for Shambala participants. As soon as your registration is done, kindly buy the special dress from the Amma’s shop and start wearing. It is mandatory.


– Bed sheets and towels will be provided. Please bring your own toiletries with you.
– You could carry an extra pair of slippers/sandals for use inside the building.
– You could also bring a flashlight, hat, umbrella and/or raincoat.


– Doctors are available on campus. There are two hospitals near the University.
– Kindly carry medicines that you are using currently and other medication that may be very specific to your condition.


– Amma’s Shop – Clothes, bags, jewellery and similar items
– Srimurti Shop – Books, CDs, Srimurtis, Padukas, Puja sets, Divine oil and water, stationery, mala beads, yoga mats, snacks, cool drinks and other items


Wireless internet cards can be bought in the office.

DO’s & DON’Ts

– Lockers are available for keeping valuable items. However the University is not responsible for your belongings.
– Use of cameras and cell phones is prohibited in the meditation halls and the Temple.
– Smoking, alcohol, narcotics are strictly prohibited. Action would be taken by the University on the use of these substances in the campus.
– Participants are not permitted to leave the University premises without permission from the University.
– It is advised to be in mauna(silence) during the stay period to facilitate your own process and respect others’ process.


Homa, the fire ritual – You will perform along with others your own personal Homa. This is an optional event. There are sometimes “Special Homa’s and Puja’s (rituals)” that you may want to have extra money for.


Registration takes place as soon as you arrive. You will be informed when once you arrive.

Oneness University is now accepting Indian Rupees, USD, EURO, and all Credit Cards except American Express. Please make sure to bring the necessary amount for your whole stay. Once paid, no refunds are possible. Please try to give us the exact amount, as we do not have much change.

During registration, you will receive a Process Badge for the duration of your stay. It is mandatory to wear your badge throughout your stay at Shambala.



You will be responsible for your own arrival and departure transportation to and from Shambala. Further down on this page you will find contact information to the two different taxi companies you can use.

You can exchange money to INR (Indian rupees) when you arrive at the airport in Chennai, but the exchange rate is not so good. You can find better exchange rates in Chennai City during daytime, for example at Camera City, (close to Raj Park Hotel). There is also money exchanger at Spencer Plaza Shopping Mall at the Thomas Cook Office. Ask for some smaller bills also, as you might need this to tip your taxi driver, hotel staff, etc.


For most countries you will need to have a Passport in order to travel to India. Please check if this applies in your country. Make sure you have a valid passport with an expiry date that is not too soon (if you feel like staying longer in India), valid visa and tickets.


If you need to get a Visa for your country to enter India, please only apply for a Tourist Visa. Just explain on the application that you are traveling India as a tourist sight seeing.

Local Contact: Narasimha Kumarji

Local Address: Varadaiahpalem, Chittoor District,

Andhra Pradesh – 517 541, India

Transportation to and from Oneness University

You will be responsible for your transportation to and from Shambala. Due to security reasons, we require all visitors and participants traveling to and from Shambala to use the following details.

*We use two different transportation services for Oneness University. One is for bookings from Chennai/Airport or nearby location TO the Shambala, and the other is for departure FROM the Shambala. Please see below, and book accordingly:

TO: Shambala


+91 93-44-040470

*S. Murgeshan is based in Chennai, and is in charge of transportation to Oneness University from Chennai

(Airport/Hotels/Surrounding area).

FROM: Shambala


+91 95-73-008565

*V. Shanmugasundaram is based at Oneness University, and is in charge of all transportation from Oneness University campuses. Departure travel arrangements can be made at the travel desk located on site.

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