Shambala Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this an ashram?

It is not an ashram in the traditional sense of the term, one does not have to practise the austerities normally associated with an Ashram. This is a place of special energies which would naturally accelerate your spiritual growth irrespective of what teacher or teaching you follow.

2. What can I expect to get out of my stay?

You are likely to get what you seek.

3. What kind of people are here?

They come from over 136 countries, from every walk of life and all ages. The average age is around mid thirties. Also it is good to know that over 50 percent of the visitors are here for the first time.

4. Why do people come?

People come here for the following reasons:

– to be healed
– to have desires fulfilled
– to set right relationships
– to have their problems solved
– to grow financially ( for financial growth)
– to have success in business
– to conceive a star child
– to discover their soulmate
– to be transformed
– to discover freedom
– to be awakened
– to be enlightened
– to be God realised

5. Do I need any special experience to come here?

No, there is no prior condition

6. What kind of events happen?

The events likely to happen during your stay at Shambala

– Guided meditation
– Pranoupasana
– Practise of Samyama
– Vipasana
– Upasana
– Meditation on the Golden Orb in the forest
– Meditation on the Golden Ball in the Temple
– Special Deeksha
– Opening the mystical eye
– Karma yoga
– Gyana yoga
– Nada yoga
– Bakthi yoga
– Dhyana yoga
– Mantra yoga
– Japa yoga
– Kriya yoga
– Kundalini yoga

Certain things depend on your duration of the stay

7. Can I stay in touch with The Shambala after my visit?

Yes, through all social media.

8. Is there a special dress to wear during our stay ? What is the point of wearing special dress? If yes, what is the cost?

Yes, It is for creating an energy field where Meditation can happen spontaneously. We provide outifts that cost about 1,850 rps each. You would also need to purchase a prayer shawl which costs 1,500 rps.

XS – 36cms
S – 38cms
M – 40cms
L – 42cms
XL – 44cms

9. Am I free to leave the shambala whenever I choose?

Yes, but you must inform the office and WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REFUND ANY MONEY FOR ANY REASON

10. Is the neighborhood where the Shambala is located safe?

Yes, the neighbourhood around The Shambala is safe.

11. Are there any guidelines about the use of mobile/cell phones and cameras?

Use of cameras and cell phones is prohibited in the meditation halls and the Temple

12.What are my options to access Wi-Fi and the Internet?

You could buy the wifi cards available in campus

13. Is there a travel agent on campus?

Yes, Departure travel arrangements can be made at the travel desk located on site

14.Do you have lockers where I can leave my personal belongings?

Yes, Lockers are available for keeping valuable items. However the Shambala is not responsible for your belongings.

15.What additional items should I plan to bring with me?

You could carry the following items which would help you attend the sessions comfortably.

– Meditation chair, back rest, pillow
– Socks, scarf, shawl
– Blinders and ear plugs
– Notebooks and pens
– Hand fan
– Water bottle
– Tissues/wipes
– Umbrella

16. What about kids?

Yes they could be brought but it is the responsibility of the parents to take care of them. Parents with children below 7 years must bring them along with a nanny. There are no day care facilities run by The Shambala.

17. Once i arrive, what is the procedure to be followed?

1. Arrival at C-Block
2. Receptionists will be there to get the Online C-Form & do the room assignment
3. Helper will get the Forms, take the payment & give the Accommodation pass. Participants are only allowed to go to class when the payment is done.
4. Purchase of the Shambala dress should be done as soon as possible (it would be good if you bring white clothing to wear, if you cannot get the Dress straight away – some times the dresses has to be stitched)

18. Can i arrive in the midnight or early morning?

 Yes, you can arrive in the midnight or early morning. You will be given a temporary room to rest for the night. In the morning, you would be given the temporary pass & the room. Participants who arrive during the night cannot participate the 5.30 am class, they have to register in the Breakfast break & the first class is then 10 am.

19. From when does this recent updates on attending shambala for 10 days first and thereafter completing the 30 days in the consequent visits apply?

It starts from June 2016. The participant should complete the 30 days with in one year time.

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