A Journey of Spiritual Awakening and God Realization

A Sacred process where one gets deeply in touch with one’s self, one’s Divine, and all of life. A journey of Divinely lead Transformation and SPiritual Revelation.



A Journey into Oneness

Shambala: The place

Come and experience the wonder of Shambala in the peace and tranquility of a panoramic campus, bathed in the pulsating energies of the Temple of the Supreme Light. The grounds are pleasantly set in verdant green lawns, teeming with colorful flowering bushes, majestic palms and exotic trees.

Spend your free time meditating, or walking under the covered walkways savoring the calm serenity. Bask in the vastness of a night sky filled with shimmering stars or revel in the beauty and radiance of the sun, as it rises each morning. Be amused during your stay by the chatter of seasonal birds and resident monkeys, whose magnificence and playfulness will delight your senses.


What happens here & what you get?

Shambala is an ongoing process designed to help

a) change your programs which control your life, thus solving your problems and fulfilment of your desires through awakening of the kundalini.

b) participants get awakening experiences leading to transformation and causeless love through awakening of the kundalini.

c) the bestowing of the power to give prana deeksha through the awakening of kundalini


participants who complete 30 days will have the opportunity to participate in

1.) Sri Bhagavan’s group darshans
2.) special chamber process in the temple
3.) initiation into prana deeksha givers
4.) receive your awakening levels.

Further Details:

You could come to shambala any day and join the process. You could stay any number of days.

You could stay for 30 days or more in one visit and experience the benefits mentioned above. If you can’t stay for 30 days in one go, then you need to begin your stay with minimum 10 days in the first visit (excluding arrival and departure). Thereafter you could come multiple times to complete your 30 days. Please contact us before you come to complete your 30 days. We will confirm about the possibilities of the benefits during that time. We request you to take confirmation from us and then book your flight tickets.

You could also choose to come for less than 10 days in your first visit. But this stay will not be considered to complete 30 days.


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Shambala Campus Guidelines

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From Participants Around the World
I had a wonderful experience Saturday. When going out from the C-building for lunch, I felt the intense warmth from the sun. I stopped, raised my arms and just experienced the sun rays, without recognising any thoughts. Then I felt so strong enough energy and joy inside me. Going a bit further, I heard the birds and wind. I was just listening and again the energy and joy was flowing inside me. This continued in the dining room. Each time I totally tasted the food it was extremely delicious, and I experienced the intense joy inside.


Thank you for these really deep Process in Shambala. Thanks to Sri AmmaBhagavan, To the Temple, The Sri Chakra, The Golden Orb, The Supreme Light, to all the Dasa, to all Indian People, to my mother and my father, and to my divine. During these process I experience miracles in my health, In my relations, in my financial growth, in my relation with my divine, in my spiritual journey. I feel the love and the compassion, and I thank you so much for taking care of me every day to help me grow and evolve. I receive much more than I can imagine. Thank you for all the service you are doing, and for helping humanity and nature and the divine. See you soon.


Dearest Bhagavan, my Supreme Friend! When I first heard your teaching around 10 years ago, to set right relation ships with my parents, it went deep into me. My mother had already passed & I had a very difficult relationship with her. As I walked up the temple for our evening process 3 days ago, waves of gratitude came welling up, deeper than I had ever felt before. When I was circling the top floor a very clear realisation hit me, my relationship with both my parents had been completely set right. I had fulfilled my karmic responsibilities to them & they were free to progress to the higher realms. The waves of feelings of gratitude, peace and joy burst open. In deep gratitude and service.

Aarn Tate

New Zealand
The Temple and golden Orb is indescribable, I don’t grasp it. Except from deep gratitude!! I have gone through many deep and difficult processes here, and I thought I had worked a lot at home... Finally a place, that has the attitude to look into everything! I have felt anger and regret for coming here often – and this is usually the start of a wonderful release!!! I admire the dedication of the teachers, and the consistency of the teachings. We meet Bhagavan!! Thank you!! And we have been in the Temple each day of our stay, and it is a place where I can pray, and scream, and cry and dance – and still perceive only love and hope for all of us! Thanks for all processes and guidance! Hopefully I will be back in November with a group of Norwegians for Shambala.





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