Transforming Villages

Bringing About Change From Within

Oneness, besides being engaged in its vision to help humanity become free of the illusion of separation and establish it in a state of Oneness, is also assiduously associated with the creation of a new society, a new community, laying a foundation at the grass root level – the village. It also reaches out to the most marginalized cross-sections of society by enriching their lives through self empowerment and community development. Because India is 70% rural, to build India you need to build its villages. It is towards this end; Sri Amma Bhagavan is trying to create village communities with happy and fulfilled individuals and families. Hence the work for transforming villages began.

Happiness is the index of growth’ say Sri Amma Bhagavan. Oneness believes that without the rudiments of a happy inner state, good relationships and passion for growth, one would not be able to sustain external progress. Social help should be preceded by personal transformation. Thus we began this work by educating the villagers on good relationships, instilled passion for growth and learning, conducted women empowerment programs, and then brought in the social help like medical camps, water facility, house facility, providing farming equipments, education, community centers etc.