P&G Episode 2

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P&G Episode 2 Sadhana (Practice)

1. Sit in Vajrasana or on a chair.

2. Place your hands palm up on the middle of your thighs. Touch the tip of your index fingers to the root of your thumbs.

3. Begin slow breathing for 5 minutes where your exhalation is twice as long as your inhalation.

4. For 5 minutes visualize the Golden Orb at your Vishuddhi (throat) Chakra. Keep Chanting SO HUM into the Golden Orb.

5. For the next 5 minutes, breathe deeply in, hold your breathe: focus and lock air in throat, and visualize the Golden Orb turning the air into Golden Prana. As you exhale, visualize Golden prana filling your brain.

6. For the next 2 minutes focus your attention on your heart and experience causeless love and causeless joy.

7. Express Gratitude to the Phenomenon for 1 minute

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